adjective: characterized by or exhibiting excessive vanity; boastful; thinking too highly of oneself. oh and if you disagree and don't think I'm better than you in every way, please by all means, let me know: vainglorious.sarah at gmail
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  • I’ve consistently been deleting / making private all the dramatic / whinging posts from about 1.5 - 2 years ago or so. And even further back sometimes. Because people are still seeking them out and I can see that through analytics (it’s rare but it happens more than I’d prefer, like today). Most, if not all, are gone now.
  • SO if you’ve come here looking for that, which … why? then my b. The internet is forever but I can control some shit. That’s where they went.
  • Furthermore I’m a big fan of just deleting shit. Sometimes the point is just to write it down then put it out there. But it all has a shelf life. I do this A LOT. I am the queen of deleting tweets.
  • I still haven’t fixed my theme. Because it wasn’t easy and I’m lazy. I plan to. That picture on the right is like 5 years old. I’m aware of this. It really did just show up when I picked the interim theme.
I don’t really believe in cars, but I drive one every day and I love that it gets me places and makes life so much easier and faster and I don’t know what I would do without it.

If someone tells you that you make it ALL ABOUT YOU all the time, that you’re into drama, and really, you’re just trying to connect, to get to the truth, to share yourself, to hear someone else, to feel them, to let them in? If you know that you listen and you’re a good partner or a good friend, and you know when to shut up, and someone STILL says this to you, despite ample evidence that it’s simply not true? Don’t try harder with that person. When you’re trying to make deep connections in a world that is flinchy and dismissive of deep connections, sometimes you open your heart, and instead of getting love in return, someone will say you’re being a troublemaker. They just don’t get it. They aren’t for you. Walk away.

You have worlds inside you—swirling, colorful, mournful, generous, soaring, hopeful, searing, heartbreaking worlds. You cannot offer just a tiny slice of you. You cannot hold back the flood. You want to share those worlds. You are way too big, too complicated, too glorious and infinitely sad and unspeakably divine. You have to share all of it. Find someone worthy of all of it. Find someone who wants ALL OF IT.

Ask Polly: How Do I Make My Boyfriend Listen? - The Awl

Y’all it is a constant amazement, Ask Polly is. This made me cry. As someone who sort of barfs emotions and stories and everything on people, I’ve always considered it an awful weakness. But … I like this way of framing it. Time and place always, but this is good. Very good.

Going out shoes. All Saints.

I think it’s horse hair. I’m sorry?

The reason I came to sign in to tumblr was to post this. Send me all your Dublin and Paris recommendations. Solo travel FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AMEN.


We hit peak BARVE last night.
Setting the America flag on fire during the home opener.

Well this is special.

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I don’t know what the fuck happened but my shit was hacked and all my layout shit changed SO! I have to figure out how to get that back I guess. Tumblr Support, I’m sure, will be little help. But FYI. I’ll fix it whenever I have time.

Update: and hacked a second time. This is lovely. I’m assuming this is the Heartbleeds thing. Be aware.

Milwaukee River. Walk to dinner. Suuuuup.