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i cross-stitched the so so def billboard! partially to be the cross-stitched so so def billboard i wished to see in the world, partially to illustrate this scene missing magazine piece jason mallory and i wrote about the record label’s enduring legacy. you should read it if “my boo” is at all tied to your adolescent sexual awakening, or if you’re curious about what an “onion booty” is. 

Well this is brillz.

If you can’t love yourself, I guess that’s it then.

My gorgeous #acaciascarves infinity arrived today. Suuuuup @jaclynday. I’ve spread your gospel to my coworkers too!

Céline Dion - It’s All Coming Back To Me Now (by CelineDionVEVO)

This is the only song I want to rage to lately. And that’s that.

Sometimes I practice doing things I don’t really like to do alone while at home—like going to a restaurant I’ve been meaning to try by myself, or going for brunch to my favorite place alone. Maybe someday I’ll go to the movies alone

How I Learned to Love Traveling Solo

This article is super bad. The advice is not that helpful. I’ve found some interesting articles of this vein recently though. Anyways.

All people: YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO TO THE MOVIES ALONE! For fucks’ sake! Go to dinner alone! Go do ANYTHING alone. I get that you have a partner maybe but jesus! We’re all alone. We are mostly born alone and mostly die alone!

My coworkers are always confused how I go to dinner by myself constantly in Milwaukee. What the fuck am I going to do? Spend every night eating room service in bed? Or picking up takeout? I live alone! This is normal. I really only like shutting out the world in my own space when it’s attuned my specific needs (correct food, good couch, wine, various other things I like to be EXACT). 

I go out in Chicago alone all the time though. To restaurants, to bars, to movies. AGAIN: I’m not gonna waste my goddamn life hoping I can find someone to do this shit with me.

I don’t know, I’m an asshole about a lot of things I guess. But I want to die on this asshole mountain. This is my mountain! If you can’t go to dinner or the movies alone: I am not sure you’re a real adult person. You can’t spend a few hours in public and enjoy it????????????????? BY YOURSELF???? You’re too self-conscious??? I guarantee you no one gives a fuck. Grow up.

I like you but no.

I haven’t even gone on my solo trip yet but I’m planning my next one. I have been traveling for work every week and racking up miles and hotel points and other such things and now I want to go everywhere. This is what I’ve always wanted but for some reason I just started? 

I got an email that my passport was approved, which I was weirdly anxious about. No reason why. I mean, I have an arrest history, but I know that doesn’t really matter. But yes, while I’m planning these trips, I’m also planning a move.

I think my next move is coming in the next year. Far away from Chicago. Not in the US. The obsessive researcher, the project manager, the digital experience consultant in me is doing a lot of Discovery. Up next is the Design (what does this look like?) and the Development (build it) and the Deployment (get the fuck out of here). I mean, it’s a whole project. I have a timeline, I’m thinking about my options.

I have spent too much time waiting. Waiting on what I don’t know. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before so. But really. I’m tired of waiting. I’ve resigned myself to a lot lately. I may be single forever, and that’s okay. What does that look like? I may never move home to ATL, that’s maybe okay too. I want to live all over and be independent. And. Stop waiting for things to happen to me. 

Anyways. I’m plotting and planning. And trying to learn Italian.

Forcing spring by wearing only this over a maxi. DO NOT FUCK WITH ME WEATHER.

You’re at least an 8.5 when you’ve got my dick in your mouth.

Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Ugly - The Awl

Polly brought it yet again. The whole thing is gold of course, but this amused me. Because I’m crass.

You’re beautiful, a foxy flower.

One last dude story to end my evening, because I can’t even believe it and I can’t stop being annoyed:

Nothing like trying to have a convo with someone above you on the account you work on, and attempting to offer them feedback. After being told by my boss that I need to have this conversation and clear the air and give constructive criticism. Because I’m a manager and I should master conflict resolution someday and this person should know why I’ve been so frustrated with him. I did not knock this convo out of the park. I tried to be diplomatic and use “I feel…” statements and it was hard. So. While doing this, this person detailed for me why he’s so good at some aspect of his job, and got super defensive. I then admitted I was nitpicking, but this is valid, it’s not made up, he then pulled out “I was a huge proponent in you getting your promotion. I vouched for you. Do you know that?” 

WHAT. DO. I. SAY. TO. THAT. What should you say to that?

I said “Okay, thank you. I did know that. I was told. That doesn’t change the fact that we have these issues.”

What I didn’t say, and should maybe have said then, but will be saying to his boss: “implying I should be somehow hugely thankful to him for this or act like it changes the fact that he’s actively fucked me on this account and has dropped the ball is completely delusional. I appreciate I was recognized and promoted. It’s not a gift though, I earned that. And I would like to think it’s because I’ve done a good job and I’m being recognized for that and not solely because his word was so special that it took precedent. That characterization and petty statement was inappropriate.”

This is one of those work things where at the time I was so dumbfounded I didn’t react well, but fuck if I’m going to let someone throwing “BUT I GOT YOU YOUR PROMOTION” in my face stand. Bro, you’re 2 levels above me, you should not be so trifling.